Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The Australian Architecture Association runs bus and walking tours throughout Sydney, for members and interested members of the public. These tours are designed to enable people to understand, enjoy and discuss architecture. The AAA aims to realise this vision by gradually developing an organisation that nurtures the culture of architecture and, through a stimulating program of activities, enables interested people to develop their appreciation of what many call "the mother of the arts".
At the core of the activities are the architecture experiences which are based on the fact that the most effective way of understanding a building is to visit it and have a guide explain how it was designed, what it is made of and why it looks the way it does. For information on becoming a member of the AAA or to enjoy their walking tours, call 02 8297 7283 or visit their website at www.architecture.org.au and get to know more about your wonderful city.

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