Monday, July 25, 2011

Common problems when renovating or decorating

A question that I have been dealing with a lot lately...what are common problems that are associated with renovating or decorating?

Myself and my fiance are about to embark on a journey of wills and I am guessing what will amount to be an emotional rollercoaster. We are going to do an extensive renovation on a property that we are about to purchase!

Two common pitfalls are:
i) setting an unrealistic budget
ii) being in too big a hurry

It is so important to have a real plan in place for the entire space and to have a true understanding of what you can afford. Planning is key and so often overlooked. Have a clear concept of your budget and map everything out in as much detail as you can.

People will make snap decisions to buy things quickly and on a whim. I am guilty of that...if I see a sale on, it will too often result in me making a major purchase that will not really add to design of the place...rather at the time it was a bargain and it was 'just fine' or 'good enough'.

Another common issue:
iii) emotional stress

Having witnessed my parents go through a number of renovations I feel I am well placed to say that this is a stressful process. No matter how well you plan it out or who you delegate the work to, it will still cause arguments! There is no way around this unfortunately. People do not fully understand how emotionally stressful this process can be.

I have heard that it can also be a huge strain on marriages. The reasons range from differences in aesthetic preferences; the stress of living in chaos for the duration of the renovation; the financial stress of the remodeling exercise.

These stressors are really common...but if you go in aware of these common issues you can contextualise them appropriately...then you wont feel like your life is falling apart :) Things will get back to normal when it's all over...albeit the room you are sitting in will look a little bit better.

What issues have you faced when renovating/decorating?

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