Thursday, August 11, 2011

Some important points for you to increase your company presence on Facebook

Some important points for you to increase your company presence on Facebook

There are a host of tactics that can help you grow your fan page, including:

1. Starting a blog and growing an audience can take a year or longer. Expect the same with a FB fan page, and be clear about your expectations from it. It might not be worth it for some businesses. For others it's a great investment with real returns. Look at other companies like yours. Do they have fan pages, how are they doing, are they just spewing up uninteresting information and small talk or real information and value, which one's are doing well and which aren't?

2. Remember, if you want it to go viral you have to give people things that they can share. So if you aren't a humour content company it is going to be tricky…aim to give people knowledge that they will want to share, things that empower them as authorities within their communities.

3. Reach out to people already within your community via email or your company website (registered users) and start with your loyal base, then reward them for coming to your FB fan page: deals, new info, whatever you can offer and incentivize them to share this experience with their friends through greater rewards. Don't make it hokey and about money or cheap giveaways, give something of real value.

4. Reach out to like communities elsewhere on the web and tell them about your fan page - bloggers, other social networks and websites. Expect it to take some time.

5. To get to a critical mass, consider investing in Fan Ads (Like Ads). The most commonly cited benchmark is $1.07 per fan acquired by ads (which also puts some real value to the above noted efforts…ie it is worth putting the time and energy into the above because fans acquired via 'organic' ways means you're not paying for them.There have been examples of companies driving the CPF to around .70 and sometimes lower…and then two things happen…for every three or four paid fan ads, you will see an additional organic fan and as you get critical mass, you should see around 1% per week organic growth.

6. This may sound obvious, but make sure you include a prominent link to your Facebook page in all of your regular communications with potential fans: your website, your newsletter, any other email communications, your signature for web forums, your Twitter profile, etc. You're already interacting with people who may be interested in what you're saying, so make it as easy as possible for them to connect with you on FB, too.

7. Think about running contests to encourage your current fans to post comments or photos on your page. Their actions will show up in their friends' Newsfeeds, giving you exposure to new people who are not unlikely to be interested in what you're offering, since their friends already Like you.

8. Look at "Sponsored Stories", a new type of ad that Facebook launched recently. It takes your fans' actions (such as liking your page or liking one of your posts) and puts it in an ad that it shows to their friends. I feel these are much more effective than traditional FB ads for acquiring new fans.

9. Tagging people and pages in posts on your page wall. Combine this tactic with asking a question and the people tagged will likely respond. In order to respond, they have to like your page. The tagging, as well as any engagement from the tagged person/page, appear on the wall of that person/page which exposes your post to any people who view their wall…n.b. you can only tag people who you are friends with or pages that you already like.

10. Tag photos on your wall. People love to look at photos of themselves and if you are at an event that supports your business, take photos and post them to your page. Tag anyone you can. Encourage them to tag their friends who appear in the photos (as you can only tag people you are friends with). Same principle as above - people will come and look, and in order to comment, will have to like the page.

11. Ask questions - but questions facilitate engagement which helps your posts to linger in the news feeds of people who like your page. And, when they engage with your page, it increases the possibility that friends of likers made comments on your page post.

12. Encourage your fans to "Suggest to Friends" your page. This strategy will work best if you have built up a level of trust and your fans feel like they get something from your page. I don't suggest you ask this of your fans without having built up social capital with them first. But, if they feel like they can give something back to the page for all that they have gotten from liking it (great ideas, great content, etc.) this kind of request can be well received.

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